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Custom Jewellery Engraving

We provide custom jewellery engraving for a wide range of items including rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets.

What kind of engravings do we offer?

No engraving is too big or too small, our skilled team provides high-quality custom jewellery engraving.

Custom Engraving for Jewellery

Initials, Symbols and Names

Using intricate techniques, we expertly etch initials, symbols, and names onto your chosen piece. Whether it’s a ring, pendant, or bracelet, our skilled artisans meticulously carve your requested design, creating a meaningful and timeless addition.

We understand the sentimental value behind these engravings and ensure precision in every stroke. The result is a custom piece that carries your unique touch, making it a cherished keepsake or a heartfelt gift.

Custom Message to Engrave

Custom Messages

Our skilled artisans meticulously inscribe your personalised messages using intricate techniques.

From elegant watches to timeless jewellery pieces, we capture the sentiment and essence of your custom message. With our craftsmanship, your chosen item becomes a cherished keepsake, embodying your emotions and creating a lasting memory. Count on us to transform your jewellery and watches into unique treasures in a truly meaningful way.

Polished Engagement Ring

We understand it can be tricky to know what some of these unfamiliar jewellery terms mean. If you need more information about what we can offer, please visit our FAQ / Education page.

Book a personalised consultation

Get in touch with us and we can organise a consult to discuss your ideas or answer any other questions you may have.

We make sure your message is captured perfectly.

Here at Pink Carat, we specialise in custom jewellery engravings.

We provide a personal consultation for your jewellery engraving to ensure your message is captured perfectly. Collaborating closely with you, we ensure a bespoke touch and craft meaningful and unique pieces.

If you’re interested in getting your jewellery piece engraved, contact us today for a consult!

Custom jewellery engraving for all types of jewellery

Our expert team provides custom jewellery engraving designs.


Wedding  Engagement  Bands Eternity Milestone Heirloom Dress Signet Interlocked


Charms Chains Solitaire Lockets Link Snake Cable Medallion Amulet Engraved


Stud Hoops Drop Lever Back Butterfly Back Threader Cuff Barbell Jacket Clip on


Chain Bangle  Tennis Charm Open Bangle Cuff Pearl Beaded Bar Watches