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We offer both natural and lab-grown diamonds to use in your custom jewellery piece.

What types of diamonds do we source?

The stones we choose go through an assessment process before they are presented to you.
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Natural Diamonds

We pick the best natural diamonds for your jewellery piece, to make sure it is something you will love and cherish. Using natural diamonds adds an undeniable touch of elegance and authenticity. These exquisite gems, formed deep within the Earth over millions of years, carry a unique beauty and individuality.

The inherent charm, value retention, and emotional resonance of natural diamonds make them an irreplaceable choice for creating exquisite, meaningful custom jewellery pieces.

These versatile, natural gems come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and cuts, allowing us to create pieces that cater to diverse tastes and styles. From classic solitaire engagement rings to intricate multi-stone designs, natural diamonds offer endless possibilities for crafting pieces that capture individual preferences.

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Lab-grown Diamonds

Here at Pink Carat, we pick the best lab-grown diamonds for your custom jewellery piece. A major advantage of lab-grown stones is their reduced environmental impact as they are made in a controlled laboratory setting.

Lab-grown diamonds exhibit identical physical and chemical properties to natural ones, often at a lower cost, making them more accessible for those wanting something special, on a tighter budget.

We can work with lab-grown stones to explore intricate cuts, unique shapes, and creative settings that push the boundaries of traditional diamond jewellery. This opens up a world of possibilities for individuals who seek distinctive and personalised pieces that reflect their style and preferences.

Picking the grade, cut and clarity

When selecting a diamond, the cut, clarity, and colour are essential. The cut defines its brilliance and sparkle. Clarity reflects its internal flaws. Opting for higher clarity ensures brilliance. Colour grades determine its hue, ranging from colourless to slightly tinted. Each choice affects the diamond’s overall appearance and value. Balancing these factors based on personal preferences and budget guarantees a diamond that embodies both beauty and individuality.

We will often present you with a few options before you choose your perfect stone.

Sourcing Diamonds

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Our expertise ensures a curated selection of high-quality stones. We guide you through the process, considering cut, clarity, and colour. With us, you get not just diamonds but a personalised experience, ensuring your choice aligns perfectly with your preferences. Contact us today for a consult!

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