Jewellery Buyback

If you wish to sell or purchase secondhand jewellery, we offer a jewellery buyback service to resell pieces in our store.

What is involved in a jewellery buyback?

Secondhand jewellery for both buyers and sellers

Remodelling Jewellery Assessment

Assessment and Inspection

We, as a jeweller, offer a convenient jewellery buyback service. Recognising that styles and preferences evolve, we provide an option to exchange or sell your pieces back to us.

Our process involves a thorough evaluation of the item’s condition, authenticity, and market value. We ensure transparency and fairness in our assessments.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, downsize, or simply part ways with a piece, we offer a hassle-free solution. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and industry expertise, we provide a reliable and trustworthy platform for jewellery buybacks, allowing you to transition your collection with ease and confidence.

If you are interested in our jewellery buyback system, please contact us for a consult.

Why buy a pre-loved jewellery piece?

Our secondhand jewellery pieces have undergone rigorous evaluation, ensuring their authenticity, quality, and value. You gain access to pre-owned treasures that have been professionally assessed and restored, often at a more accessible price point than new items.

With our industry expertise, you’re assured of a transparent and reliable transaction, free from the uncertainties of private sales. By opting for buybacks, you engage in a sustainable and eco-conscious practice, contributing to the circular economy. Embrace the opportunity to own unique, well-crafted jewellery that holds both history and enduring beauty.

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Get in touch with us and we can organise a consult to discuss your ideas or answer any other questions you may have.

Expert, Bespoke Jewellers

Our team take great care with your jewellery pieces, whether you are purchasing or selling.

We facilitate jewellery buybacks with utmost care for both sellers and buyers. Our meticulous evaluation ensures fair transactions, considering the piece’s quality and market trends. Whether you’re selling or buying, trust us for a transparent and trustworthy jewellery exchange experience. Contact us today for a consult!

We offer jewellery buyback services for…

Our skilled team will assess and consult your piece before completing the buyback.

If you are unsure of any jewellery terms, please visit our FAQ / Education page.


Wedding  Engagement  Bands Eternity Milestone Heirloom Dress Signet Interlocked


Charms Chains Solitaire Lockets Link Snake Cable Medallion Amulet Engraved


Stud Hoops Drop Lever Back Butterfly Back Threader Cuff Barbell Jacket Clip on


Chain Bangle  Tennis Charm Open Bangle Cuff Pearl Beaded Bar Watches