Insurance Replacement of Jewellery

Jewellery Insurance Replacements

We provide a jewellery insurance replacement for all kinds of jewellery.

What is involved in a jewellery insurance replacement?

We will keep you involved throughout the whole jewellery insurance replacement process.

Jewellery Expert Consultation

Consultations and assessments

In unfortunate events like loss or theft, we understand the emotional and financial value of your pieces. Our process involves precise documentation, including detailed descriptions and photographs.

With our expertise, we provide accurate replacement value assessments based on current market trends. Collaborating with insurance providers, we ensure a smooth claims process, advocating for your best interests.

We’re committed to alleviating the stress of loss by swiftly recreating your cherished jewellery items, maintaining their quality and sentiment, and helping you regain a piece of what’s irreplaceable.

If you are interested in getting a jewellery replacement, please contact us for a consult.

Recreations or new custom pieces

As a bespoke jeweller, we excel in recreating jewellery pieces from insurance claims. With our expertise, we craft precise recreations aligned with the original design’s essence.

Our commitment lies in turning a distressing situation into an opportunity to restore treasured memories. With our craftsmanship and dedication, we recreate not just jewellery, but cherished moments that can be worn and celebrated once again.

We also create new pieces to replace the loss of a sentimental one. From creating a new custom design to handcrafting a new piece we keep you involved throughout the process.

Consult for Custom Jewellery

Book a personalised consultation

Get in touch with us and we can organise a consult to discuss your ideas or answer any other questions you may have.

Please contact us or visit our FAQ page.

We understand it can be tricky to know what some of these unfamiliar jewellery terms mean. If you need more information about what we can offer, please visit our FAQ / Education page or get in touch with us.

Jewellery insurance replacements for…

We can recreate your original piece, or create a new one!


Wedding  Engagement  Bands Eternity Milestone Heirloom Dress Signet Interlocked


Charms Chains Solitaire Lockets Link Snake Cable Medallion Amulet Engraved


Stud Hoops Drop Lever Back Butterfly Back Threader Cuff Barbell Jacket Clip on


Chain Bangle  Tennis Charm Open Bangle Cuff Pearl Beaded Bar Watches