Jewellery Remodelling

Heirloom, old, or broken pieces of jewellery can be reused to suit your current style and aesthetic. Our expert jewellery remodelling team can even recreate the piece to look brand new.

What is involved in remodelling jewellery?

We take great care in assessing your jewellery and then work with you to remodel it into the perfect piece.

Remodelling Jewellery Assessment

Before we begin the process of remodelling your jewellery, we first must assess your current piece. This includes examining the precious metal and gemstones, to see if they can successfully be used in a new design.

In our experience, we often find that older pieces require new precious metals as they wear over time. However, we can usually keep the gemstones to be used again in your new piece.

If you are interested in getting a jewellery piece remodelled, please contact us for a consult.

Creating a new piece

Once we have assessed what we can use from your existing pieces, we can develop and create a new idea.

We consult you throughout the whole process to ensure that the final design is something you will love. With a final idea created together, we craft the new piece from scratch, by hand.

Adelaide Jewellery Remodels

Book a personalised consultation

Get in touch with us and we can organise a consult to discuss your ideas or answer any other questions you may have.

Handcrafted just for you…

A lot goes into a piece of jewellery from Pink Carat – love, expertise, and craftsmanship.

All designs created in our boutique Unley Road studio are under the guidance of qualified jeweller and gemologist Bevan Jones. With an eye for intricate detail and a dedication to quality, you can be sure each piece is handcrafted to perfection.

Regardless of whether your preference leans towards a contemporary or classic aesthetic or a piece that dazzles or radiates, we work alongside you to create the perfect piece of jewellery. Contact us today for a consult!

We can remodel jewellery of all kinds

It’s important for us to consider the type of jewellery you have and how we can best remodel it when designing a new piece.

There are so many aspects to consider when creating custom, bespoke jewellery. We want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want so, please visit our FAQ / Education page if you need more information.


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