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Jewellery Valuations

Do you need a jewellery valuation? We can provide a professional valuation for your precious items.

What is involved in a jewellery valuation?

We will need to assess each element of your jewellery piece to provide an accurate valuation.

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NCVJ Registered Valuations

Valuations typically involve scientific analysis of your precious item to determine its quality, and value based on market conditions. This includes a close examination of each piece, considering factors such as gem quality, metal purity, craftsmanship, overall condition and any need for potential repairs.

As this is such a particular craft, our registered NCJV valuator undertakes all of our valuations. This ensures they are up to date on all of the current trends of the current market, to give you the most accurate and credible appraisal.

Your valuation will include the embossed NCJV seal, with the current year as a stamp of credibility.

How can you use a valuation?

Valuations can be used for insurance, enabling you to accurately insure your valuable pieces against loss, theft, or damage. Similarly, they also aid in estate planning, ensuring equitable distribution of assets among heirs. They can also be used for establishing fair market values when selling or purchasing.

Additionally, valuations assist in understanding the value of vintage or heirloom pieces, helping you make informed decisions about repairs, restorations, or sales.

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Book a personalised consultation

Get in touch with us and we can organise a consult to discuss your ideas or answer any other questions you may have.

We specialise in unique pieces

We are constantly working with and creating unique pieces, so you can trust us to complete a thorough valuation of your jewellery.

As your trusted jeweller, we offer expert valuation services for your unique pieces. With meticulous attention, we assess the craftsmanship, materials, and market trends, providing a comprehensive valuation that reflects the true worth of your cherished item.

If you’re interested in getting your jewellery piece valuated, contact us today for a consult!

Jewellery valuations for all types of jewellery

Our expert bespoke team will assess all types of jewellery to provide an accurate valuation.

If you need more information about any unfamiliar jewellery terms, please visit our FAQ / Education page.


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