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Precious Metals

There are many different types of precious metals that we can use to make jewellery. Whilst we most commonly use gold or silver, there are many more to choose from.

Types of precious metals

The most common types of metal we use are gold and silver, but we can also create jewellery using platinum or Mokume gane.

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There are various types of gold, each offering a distinct aesthetic. Classic yellow gold radiates warmth, while sophisticated white gold adds a modern touch. Trendy rose gold blends elegance with a contemporary vibe.

We can even provide a combination of mixed metals for your jewellery piece.

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Silver comes in various types, offering diverse styles. Sterling silver, known for durability, blends purity with strength. Oxidized silver provides a vintage, darkened look.

We can help you choose the ideal silver type to match your taste and create distinctive, stylish pieces.

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Classic platinum offers enduring beauty and purity, while contemporary alloys provide strength and resilience. Our selection ensures you find the perfect platinum type for distinctive, timeless jewellery creations.

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Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane is a Japanese metalworking technique, that creates exquisite jewellery. Fusing layers of different metals, it produces woodgrain-like patterns. This ancient artistry yields unique pieces and requires great craftsmanship to create a distinctive and captivating jewellery creation.

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