Jewellery manufacture and design

Pink Carat employ traditional jewellery techniques to form classic or contemporary pieces. We combine this with your personalised touches to reflect a distinctive piece of jewellery that will last for generations.


Engagement and wedding rings 

Every engagement starts with a unique love and a unique ring. See the sparkle for yourself at Pink Carat. We consult, create and lovingly craft each piece, by hand, from scratch – using only the finest in precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.



During an inspection, we test the metal, view ring and settings under a high magnification lens to search for weaknesses or flaws; conduct diamond/gemstone identification, approximate weight and grading; identify the piece's manufacturing method (CAD, cast or hand made) and inspect general wear and tear like broken claws or loose diamonds. And provide you with a full certified report.



Jewellery valuations are essential for proof of ownership and insurance purposes. And if you value your beloved piece of jewellery, it’s recommended you do this every 3-5 years.


If you are after something uniquely different, our qualified gemologist will source the rarest diamonds and dazzling gemstones to reflect your individual style. We’ll also select the metals (18ct Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum) and present you with the best options for your final selection.


Remodelling of old jewellery 

Transform your old or estate jewellery into an exciting new piece. We redesign outdated jewellery or modernise an heirloom piece by reusing unwanted, broken or other elements of existing jewellery and turn it into a stunning piece you’ll wear again and again. 


Rhodium and gold plating

Industry standard rhodium plating and white, yellow and gold plating finished with a professional buff to make your piece sparkle like new.


Cleaning and polishing 

Make your precious jewels forever sparkle by using our individual ultra-sonic cleaner. We’ll also hand polish and buff, removing any blemishes and dings.


  • Professional cleaning

  • Rhodium plating

  • 2 step polishing (ultrasonic & hand buff polish)

  • Ring resizing

  • Straightening

  • Retipping of broken/worn diamond or gemstone claws

  • Resetting stones

  • Chain and braclet repairs

  • Replacing of clasps

  • Replacing earring fittings

  • Pearl & bead rethreading

WATCH REPAIRS (we trust only the finest watchmakers in Adelaide)

  • Repairs carried out by our Swiss trained watch maker

  • Battery replacement

  • Band replacement, maintenance or resizing

  • Watch overhaul and servicing