Watch Battery Replacements and Repairs

Watch Repair & Battery Replacement

We provide watch repair and battery replacement for all kinds of watches.

What is involved in a watch repair?

We will carefully assess your watch to determine how to best repair it, or replace the battery.

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Watch Battery Replacements and Repairs

Watch repairs from a Swiss-trained professional

From intricate movements to delicate components, we meticulously restore your timepiece to its optimal function. Our Swiss-trained watchmaker ensures each repair follows the highest standards, maintaining the watch’s integrity and performance.

Whether it’s a luxury watch or a cherished heirloom, we apply our craftsmanship to repair, clean, and fine-tune every detail. Trust us to bring your watch back to life.

If you are interested in getting your watch repaired, please contact us for a consult.

Watch Battery Replacements

Often, our most common type of watch repair is a battery replacement. Watch batteries typically require the use of small screws and a particular kind of battery.

Here at Pink Carat, we are experts in replacing watch batteries and have all the required tools to offer a replacement as quickly as possible to get your watch back to brand new.

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Get in touch with us and we can organise a consult to discuss your ideas or answer any other questions you may have.

Watch repair and battery replacement experts

Your cherished accessory is in good hands with Pink Carat.

Pick us for watch repairs, and we’ll handle your broken timepiece with expert care. Our skilled crew knows their stuff, using precise techniques to fix it up. Trust us to bring your watch back to life. Contact us today for a consult!

We offer all kinds of watch repairs

Our Swiss-trained watch maker oversees all watch repairs.


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